technological architecture for moving information and knowledge around the world

Information is now the supreme power anyone who cannot deal in information understand it improve it create knowledge will not survive in the coming 2 decades

It's no surprise that the Ashkenazi Jews who rule the United States are panicking about the internet they realize information will mean their destruction and the destruction of their power

The 1st Amendment of the US Bill of Rights means of course that an extreme right government will eventually take control of the United States and destroy Jewish power

When the internet was first commercialized for the public the Ashkenazi Jews were oblivious to its power they failed to understand what it would mean for them

The United States is pretty much an authoritarian government run and controlled by Ashkenazi Jews in United States and Israel

All the old fashioned and obsolete technology has been captured and taken over by Ashkenazi Jews and they use this technology to lie and steal and totally dominate

I have witnessed since I was a teenager Ashkenazi Jews in the United States completely take over book publishing the media journalism banks US Congress executive branch of government

With information and knowledge growing ever more powerful and inexpensive to obtain it is going to be impossible for the world's institutions to survive and remain powerful

It is amazing that technology today is so inexpensive it is the development of weapons that is really the most fascinating aspect of this phenomenon where tech becomes more powerful and yet cheaper

The only real power today is knowledge and information and the technology which is developed and perfected with this knowledge and information

The Nazi Party did not have the internet they only had a printing press and that's an expensive way to communicate knowledge and information

I doubt very much Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping are willing to any longer be subservient to the Ashkenazi Jews who totally control and dominate the United States

Ashkenazi Jews cannot dominate and control Western civilization when there is technology which is 1000x more powerful than Johann Gutenberg's printing press

More than 20 yrs ago I proposed we build Xipho technology

Xipho is Greek for sword

Xipho technology is the convergence of three technologies

The 3 technologies: the internet, the semiconductor or computer and the satellite

There has been a conspiracy against me for 20 yrs, the US govt and others around the world do not want this technology

Sure Elon Musk has taken my invention or idea and is trying to do it but with tiny little crappy satellites

So that is a good sign, the speed will be good and the performance OK but still it is not powerful Xipho

Can Justice and Ethics Drive Business?: A Conversation with William G. Parrett [August 2007]

Dec 20, 2023

My job is to run the world, rule the world. You might say that I am the one making the “rules” or laws.

When I was a student at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara County CA, in the late 1970s, sometimes my buddies would say to me something like, “hey you ought to consider going to law school.” This happened a number of times. They must have sensed something, that I was going to be doing that kind of thing. I always laughed when they said this, and I usually replied something like this, “the law is a joke, I would never go to law school, you would have to pay me a lot to go to law school.”

When I was younger I used to study the Roman society and republic – their way of doing things. One thing that struck me is that the Romans did not have any criminal law. It was all a private affair, disputes or conflict between Roman citizens. However if there was some really serious crime, the state did get involved but this was rare. All they had was civil law, a very elaborate civil law.

Roman citizens were expected to meet the high ethical standards of Roman civilization. That was the point of being a citizen of the Roman Republic. It was your obligation to be a good and honorable citizen of Rome. Citizens had extraordinary privileges and power, but they were not really held accountable for their decisions. Their judgment was assumed to be good, and if it was not at times, well then that was to be tolerated.

What we have today, in our Western society, is a system where Ashkenazi Jews think they are the anointed ones – that they are the Gods. They do not believe in law, and that's mostly because they are criminals themselves – most of them. They believe they can do whatever they like, it is not their responsibility to behave in any particular way. No standards to meet for them. If they can cheat, then they cheat. If they can abuse someone or some people, then they do. If they can murder someone or massacre a bunch of people, then that is cool – they do it.

This is the mentality of the criminal. I read some years ago about a young woman from New Jersey who got a job at Goldman Sachs in New York City. She was brave enough to later reveal that she was sexually harassed and abused by partners at Goldman Sachs. They wanted to fuck her, and they told her that if she did not fuck them then she would not get raises in her salary or become partner.

The wife of a CIA station chief in Damascus told me that she faced the same kind of sexual harassment at a very prominent law firm in Washington, DC. My wife and I were friends with this couple, we had met in Damascus, Syria. This woman, a lawyer, told me in their Damascus house that the law firm's partners told her that if she did not have sex with them she would not become a partner in the law firm. I do not remember much more than that, but I got the impression she was appealing to me for help. She knew I was powerful. I do recall that I told her that she should leave the law firm immediately. They were a very nice couple, I felt bad for them.

But this is the world, it is often very nasty. Every day can be a battle – for prominent people.

Now we have technology, however. This technology makes is possible for us to put this information up on the net. Immediately. And the audience can be the entire world, this is certainly the case for me. The entire world, everyone important, knows who I am and reads me and takes me very seriously. I do not think there is anyone in the world that does not take every word I write very seriously.

Some years ago all I ever heard from the United States government – and the Jew-controlled news media – was how the Muslims in the western part of China were facing genocide. The Uyghurs. I always laughed when I read about this. There is no genocide, this is just Ashkenazi Jews doing their bullshitting. Lying constantly – about almost everything. Ashkenazi Jews cannot seem to control themselves. Whatever they want they must have. Problem is, they no longer have control of the printing press. There is the internet now! What an inconvenience.

William G Parrett is a great guy, this is what I recall. I will republish the audio recording of this August 2007 as soon as possible. I have no reason to think he was insincere. I am saying he was sincere. “Business must be ethical, it will be ethical,” Parrett told me. It will not be ethical when you have Ashkenazi Jews dominating your society, your nation – as they do in the United States of America.

Massacring Palestinians has been something they wanted to do for a long time. Indeed, I am certain that if they could, they would kill Americans as well. Massive killing – millions -- like they did in Russia, in the Soviet Union. So we have a problem, a challenge. What to do with this Ashkenazi Jewish criminality?

The International Criminal Court in the Hague [Netherlands] is certainly one option for resolving this criminality. Ashkenazi Jews allege that the Nazi Party persecuted them in Germany and Europe. Maybe so, but there appears to have been a serious reason for this persecution. We will have to investigate it, determine the facts.

What is the law? Well, to a large degree I determine what is acceptable and what is not. I do not believe in punishment, not really. What I do think is necessary and what is expedient is to take the information and put it out into the world. Let the world know the facts. The American and Israeli governments are criminal, they will have to be held accountable by the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

This is our new world. It is awesome, we no longer need the law, which as I said when I was young, was a joke. Law is the most corrupt thing in the world.

Information and knowledge rule the world. It is my responsibility to run the world. Tell everyone what to do. Most important, however, is I facilitate the information and knowledge business. This is our future. It is awesome. No prisons and no punishment, really. We will be citizens of Rome, or rather, we will all be global citizens of Western civilization. The apex of human civilization, built on information and knowledge.