technological architecture for moving information and knowledge around the world

Information is now the supreme power anyone who cannot deal in information understand it improve it create knowledge will not survive in the coming 2 decades

It's no surprise that the Ashkenazi Jews who rule the United States are panicking about the internet they realize information will mean their destruction and the destruction of their power

The 1st Amendment of the US Bill of Rights means of course that an extreme right government will eventually take control of the United States and destroy Jewish power

When the internet was first commercialized for the public the Ashkenazi Jews were oblivious to its power they failed to understand what it would mean for them

The United States is pretty much an authoritarian government run and controlled by Ashkenazi Jews in United States and Israel

All the old fashioned and obsolete technology has been captured and taken over by Ashkenazi Jews and they use this technology to lie and steal and totally dominate

I have witnessed since I was a teenager Ashkenazi Jews in the United States completely take over book publishing the media journalism banks US Congress executive branch of government

With information and knowledge growing ever more powerful and inexpensive to obtain it is going to be impossible for the world's institutions to survive and remain powerful

It is amazing that technology today is so inexpensive it is the development of weapons that is really the most fascinating aspect of this phenomenon where tech becomes more powerful and yet cheaper

The only real power today is knowledge and information and the technology which is developed and perfected with this knowledge and information

The Nazi Party did not have the internet they only had a printing press and that's an expensive way to communicate knowledge and information

I doubt very much Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping are willing to any longer be subservient to the Ashkenazi Jews who totally control and dominate the United States

Ashkenazi Jews cannot dominate and control Western civilization when there is technology which is 1000x more powerful than Johann Gutenberg's printing press

More than 20 yrs ago I proposed we build Xipho technology

Xipho is Greek for sword

Xipho technology is the convergence of three technologies

The 3 technologies: the internet, the semiconductor or computer and the satellite

There has been a conspiracy against me for 20 yrs, the US govt and others around the world do not want this technology

Sure Elon Musk has taken my invention or idea and is trying to do it but with tiny little crappy satellites

So that is a good sign, the speed will be good and the performance OK but still it is not powerful Xipho

Can We Predict the Future? (Part Three): A Conversation with Byron R. Wien [December 2010]

Dec 21, 2023

“The Pentagon uses it to kill people, to crush them, enslave them and dominate them. I will deploy it to liberate and empower all of humanity,” I wrote back in 2010.

I should have really written the truth, which would be like this: “The Pentagon [which is controlled by Ashkenazi Jews] uses it to kill people, to crush them, enslave them and dominate them. I will deploy it to liberate and empower all of humanity.”

You do not know what I am talking about? I am not going to explain, you will have to figure it out on your own. From now on information and knowledge rule the world – not Ashkenazi Jewish garbage thought. Almost everything they say and produce is garbage. What is the most outrageous thing they do is push for censorship. Their global warming bullshit, their electric car bullshit, their psychotropic drugs is a treatment for “mental illness” bullshit, their high taxes produces equality bullshit, their regulations are necessary for everything bullshit, their democracy is the greatest thing bullshit, their artificial intelligence is going to take over the world and surpass the human brain bullshit, their hyper tight borders for Israel and open borders for the United States and Europe bullshit – is this list going on and on? It probably could. Much if not most of this world that is fucked up and stupid and retarded is Ashkenazi Jew.

Obviously I am generalizing, not all so-called Ashkenazi Jews are full of garbage ideas and thought, but most are. Ron Unz – and I really do admire him [] – thinks the Jewish problem is paranoia, Ashkenazi Jews are suffering from pretty intense paranoia, he argues. What about this? Is Unz right [by the way he is Ashkenazi Jew]?

No, I do not think it is paranoia, they are merely criminals, their genetic material in their brain is deficient – that's likely why they were herded into ghettos in Europe [and into the Pale of Settlement in Russia] for many centuries. They had to be isolated from the European population, otherwise interbreeding would take place and the European genome would be polluted by the deficient Ashkenazi Jew genome.

Unz thinks Covid-19 was an American bioweapon – directed at China. This is absurd, it is certainly not true. Unz also argues “the holocaust” is mostly a bunch of fabricated lies and exaggerations designed to bolster Ashkenazi Jewish power and to justify their atrocities against the Palestinians. This is certainly true, no question. Yes the Germans killed a fair number of Jews but it is certainly a wild exaggeration that they killed 6 million. And it was not systematic murder and genocide.

Joe Biden is obviously totally controlled by Ashkenazi Jews. The electric car garbage, the climate crisis [formerly climate change, and before that, global warming] garbage, the left wing economics policy garbage, the genocide of Palestinians is certainly OK garbage – this list goes on and on. The extent of the garbage policy is almost too much to bear, it is insane, both the volume of garbage policy and also the intensity of the garbage policy.

When I was a teenager in the 1970s none of this garbage policy existed, it all began to take shape in the 1980s when the Jews began to take over the American government. Ronald Reagan was their man. A lot of what Reagan represented was fine, but his attacks on Libya and Moammar Gaddafi really were pure Jew garbage.

The Republican Party is totally controlled by the cronies of “Bibi” Netanyahu. I just heard Nikki Haley, who is from India, go on and on about how evil Vladimir Putin is and how Hamas and Putin are linked together. Haley is a criminal, a lot of Indians in the United States are criminals. Almost everything that comes out of Haley's mouth is garbage – Jewish garbage. She has no interest in America, she is just wanting to take huge amounts of Jewish gangster money and then pretend that it is her political thought. This is the American republic, totally controlled and scripted by Ashkenazi Jews from the Pale of Settlement. These so-called Jews – millions of them – should have never been allowed to immigrate to the United States of America. It was a huge mistake, for sure. Henry Kissinger probably would agree with me. In fact, I am certain he would. I always was impressed with Kissinger's judgment, pretty much. I liked him.

But what about the situation now? Actually it is excellent, because the Jews and their Zionism project is ending. The Palestinians and Arabs will certainly destroy Israel. Some 60-70% of Americans under the age of 30 believe that Israel should be dismantled and the land given to the Palestinians. That is not surprising. So they agree with me!

So we are looking at a dramatic improvement of human society. The trajectory we are on is very exciting. Lies, bullshit, genocide, communism, socialism – all the garbage which Jews do – is ending. And why? Because of information and knowledge. Because of satellites, because of the internet, because of computers, because of mobile phones, and because all of this technology is actualy quite inexpensive.

We are good!

Byron Wien was a friend of mine. Great guy. He tried very hard to do his work well, impress everyone, even though predicting the future is pretty much impossible. I just realized I had a good interview with him in WAM, and so I looked it up and saw my article that accompanies the interview. I will republish the audio recording of the interview as soon as I can. I then looked him up on the net, was going to find some biographical material on him, also I emailed him, assuming he was still around. Unfortunately I discovered he died several months ago [October 25, 2023]. That's a shame, I had really wanted to call him again and do a great second interview.

It is the end of Jewish garbage thought, the end of Jewish control of the United States and Europe. Also it is the end of the ethnic cleansing operation in the Levant, called Israel.

Information and knowledge is overpowering.